Wednesday, November 11, 2020

⇫ Food - Jovani ⇫

⇫ Food Made by Jovani 

Butterfinger PieCinnamon Bread Casserole Cinnamon Bread CasseroleCelery and Apple 
  Avocado Ice CreamAvocado Ice CreamCookies and Cream Ice Cream
 Grape Nut Ice CreamStrawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream  Peanut Butter Ice CreamCoconut Ice CreamVanilla Ice Cream Passion Fruit Ice CreamCheese Ice CreamPeanut Butter and Bananas
 Egg Muffins and Passion FruitMonte Christo and SaladSandwich - Smokies, Bagel-Egg-Cheese
 Steak Bison and CheeseSweet Potatoes and Corn Tortillas
 Monte Cristo SandwichMonte Cristo SandwichMonte Cristo SandwichPineapple Sandwich

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