Thursday, November 12, 2020

⇫ Food - Enid ⇫

⇫ Food Made by Rosa Enid  

OatmealCornstarchCornmeal Rice PuddingRice Pudding  Bread Pudding 
  Rice with Spam and Chicken with SauceChicken, Salad, RiceEggs, Cheese and Ham Rice and Pork ChopsTrifongo Con Carne Frita   Viandas con bolitas de guineo 
Chicken, Cabbage Salad and RiceFry Chicken, Rice and Beans         Chicken Pasta and SaladEnchiladas  Regular Pancakes  
Rice with Sausages Rice with Spam   Sour Strawberry Raisins Salad    
         Rice Soup Potato SoupTaco Pineapple  

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